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The Primate Cellar offers unequalled experience of cultural heretage, wine culture and gastronomy to the visitors of Esztergom.


ÉtteremOur restaurant and wine-cultural centre is probably the most amazing catering establishment and event centre in the Danube bend. The cuisine of the award-winning chef is traditional with the hint of a modern twist for moderate prices.  To accompany the great dishes we offer a selection of 100 different Hungarian wines from our cellar, a range that covers sparkling wines, dry white and red wines including rare native varieties and the famous sweet wines of the Tokaj region.

As the Gault & Millau guide states:  „This is a huge and impressive restaurant in a gorgeous landscape by the Danube bend under the Basilica. The kitchen offers an interesting and high quality culinary range using good quality raw materials prepared with surprising care and attention for such a large establishment.„

The cellar provides an insight and education into the wines of Hungary. The wines are chilled in enomatic wine dispensers, ready to be tasted and can be purchased on site in the boutique; a café and a souvenir shop awaits the guests as well just under the Basilica.

The impressive Wine Tunnel provides great insight into the different winegrowing regions of the Carpathian Basin, and a small museum displays artisan tools of vinification and the relationship between the church and wine.

 Opening hours
Monday - Thursday: 10:00-21:00
Friday - Saturday: 10:00-22:00
Sunday: 10:00-17:00

+36 33 541-965
2500 Esztergom, Szent István tér 4.
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Sales manager: Fruzsina Werner
+36 33 541-965, +36 20 776-9869

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