A restaurant and what behind are...

The 3.000 square meters large cellar system, which is as old as the Basilica, has spectacular architectural solutions, making it more than “just” a restaurant in every aspect. Under the Basilica of Esztergom, among the historical walls of the tourist, gastronomy and wine center, in addition to the restaurant following the ethos of the modern gastronomy, the wine tunnel is welcoming the visitors with a range of wines introducing the wine regions of the Carpathian basin; the coffee bar and pastry shop offer locally made cakes and coffee specialties, and in the gift shop you can find handicrafts for souvenirs.


Surprise your beloved ones with a truly unique gift!

Gift vouchers

A candle-lighted dinner for your spouse as an anniversary gift, or a special wine tasting for your parents. Our colleagues are happy to help you choose the right gift voucher.


The harmonious combination of the different regional cuisines guarantees the constant renewal for our kitchen and staff. Our restaurant successfully combines national traditions with modern gastronomic elements, while preserving the diversity and national characteristics of the food of the Hungarians living in the Carpathian basin. Besides our standard selection we have regularly renewable seasonal offers and we also serve gala event dinners with 6-7 courses for individual orders, making our offers really varied.


The Prímás Pince set it as an objective for itself to promote the Hungarian wines and wine culture, and assist the spreading of the moderate wine consumption. The regional ingredients combined with the wine selection of the Prímás Pince give a memorable culinary experience. In the wine tunnel, our visitors can not only get information about the wine regions of the Carpathian basin, it is also possible to taste the wines; our selections include almost 100 items from every region. Our colleagues are more than happy to guide our guests in the wine tasting, but they can also choose from our pre-assembled wine tasting packages.

It is not just a restaurant

If you really would like to drink your coffee in a special place

Rondella Coffee Bar

Have a walk on the Várhegy and visit our cozy coffee bar for a cup of fine coffee or a slice of cake. You can enjoy the view of the Basilica from our terrace, next to the monumental sculpture of Miklós Melocco presenting the crowning of St. István. For our special offers follow the Facebook or Instagram pages of the Rondella Coffee Bar.

If you are in a mood for a fine piece of cake or a cup of excellent coffee

Prímás Pince Coffee Bar and Pastry Shop

The Prímás Pince is also an ideal place for a morning coffee or for having your afternoon tea with a piece of cake. In addition to the traditional and reimagined desserts made locally by our pastry-cook, our guests can taste our coffee specialties and enjoy our skilled and kind service.

If you would like to take a little bit of your experiences home

Prímás Pince Gift Shop

Our gift shop located next to our free bus parking area is very popular. The backbone of our range of products consists of the Vinum Primatis wines, accompanied by handicraft products, the goods of religious orders, books, natural cosmetics and relics.

If you would like to get a little bit more involved in wine culture

Prímás Pince Wine Tunnel

In the almost 90 meters long Barkóczy tunnel, among the brick arches of the cellar a free exhibition can be found, that presents the wine regions of Hungary, the typical vine varieties and the procedures vinification. It is also possible to taste the wines presented.

If you would like to choose the easier way

Panoramic elevator

The 20 meters high panoramic elevator starting from our gift shop makes it a lot easier to get onto the uppermost level of the Várhegy from our free parking lot, and see the Basilica and the royal castle there.